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Small-size bench machine Ceram-Micro

  • The machine is intended for processing small-size work-pieces from ceramics, glass-crystal, semi-conductor materials, natural and artificial stones and other hard materials.

  • It provides cutting of work-pieces (including those of arbitrary form), producing of microcuts, micronotches. Polishing and  faceting of work-pieces can be carried out using additional accessories.

  • Cutting wheels from diamond-containing foil of thickness from 15 Ám up, and standard cutting wheels of thickness from 0.3 mm are used in the machine.

  • Rotation speed of the diamond wheel is adjustable in the range from 100 up to 8000 rev/min.

  • Several versions of the machine are available, including one with remote control for working in "hot" chambers and other special environments.


Machine for cutting facing plates KN - 02

  • It is intended for processing plates of natural and artificial facing materials: granite,  marble, ceramics etc. of thickness up to 40 mm.
  • The maximal length of workpiece - 2800 mm.
  • Design of the machine allows cutting of plates under the angle from 45o to 90o, adjustment of the position of the cutter with respect to the table, independent water cooling of the cutter under  open-ended cycle.
  • Standard diamond tool - cutting wheels with diameter from 260 to 450 mm are used in the machine.
  • Rotation speed of the wheel is 3000 (1430) rev/min. The maximum linear velocity - 32.2 m/s.
  • Power supply voltage - 380 V. Power consumption - 4.0 kW.
  • The weight of the machine is 630 kg. Its dimensions are 3740x1080x1800 mm.




SD&TB IPS NAS of Ukraine makes laboratory devices, which will provide possibility of high-precision preparation of samples for finishing ionic thinning (ionic etching) and for their further research by methods of transmission electron microscopy. Use of these devices in research laboratories allows carrying out structure researches of materials in thin films, thin sheets and wires by the "cross-section" method at a submicroscopic level.

"MICROREZ 300" (Low Speed Diamond Wheel Saw)

     "MICROREZ 300" is intended for precision plane-parallel cutting small-sized billets of hard and brittle nonmetallic materials (glass, ceramics, quartz, semi-conductor materials etc.) with round or rectangular cross-section in a cross plane by diamond tool. The device can cut a billet with round or rectangular cross-section glued on a glass lining, with cutting step, which is set by the operator.
     Device has the controlled electric drive that rotates the spindle and a cutting diamond disc. Disk is cooled by solutions according to technology of cutting. To reduce surface damage of  a billet the device has small (up only to 100 rpm) rotary speed of diamond disc. Displacement of a billet relatively the diamond disc is provided by the bar, which can move in two mutual - perpendicular directions. The bar has the special balancing mechanism for regulation of cutter load.
      The device provides automatic switching-off of the electric drive when the necessary cutting depth is achieved or in emergencies.



The basic characteristics of "MICROREZ 300":
  • Rotary speed of diamond disc - from 10 up to 100 rpm;
  • Diameter of diamond disc - 80 mm (external), 20 mm (internal);
  • Maximal size (diameter, thickness or width) of billet - 8 mm;
  • Load of cutting - from 1 up to 3 N;
  • Micrometric billet displacement  in spindle axis direction  - 20 mm with step 0.01 mm;
  • Micrometric billet displacement  in direction perpendicular spindle axes ▒ 3 mm with step 0.1 mm;
  • Power supply voltage - 220 V.
  • Power consumption ľ 75 W;
  • Overall dimensions (length § width § height): 345 § 221 § 204 mm;
  • Weight - 5 kg;



"MICROBUR-3/60" (Dimpler)

    "MICROBUR-3/60" is intended for high-precision samples machining  before their finishing ionic thinning (ionic etching). Device makes in the center of billets ( 3 mm diameter and 200 microns thickness disks of ceramics, semiconductors, carbons, carbon composites, oxides, borides, silicides, glasses and many others materials) a dimple with 50-60 microns depth by  the special diamond tool. Loading on billet, dimple depth and rotary speed of diamond tool are controlled under device working. Automatic switching-off of the electric drive and spindle lifting above billet is provided when preset dimple depth is achieved.
    Visual control of a billet processing is carried out by means of the optical device (demountable monocular) with internal illumination of a billet. To reduce the risk of billet surface damage during dimple producing a diamond paste with the minimal size abrasive powder is applied . A felt wheel and Al2O3 water mixture  is used for final smoothing.

The basic characteristics of źMICROBUR-3/60╗:
  • Overall dimensions of billet: diameter - 3 mm, thickness - 200 microns;
  • Overall dimensions of a lining: diameter of 18-20 mm, thickness of 1.5-2.5 mm, material of a lining - glass (sapphire, or other hard and transparent material);
  • Special diamond tool: disk in diameter (external) 20 mm, thickness of 2 mm;
  • Rotary speed of diamond tool - from 10 up to 60 rpm;
  • Rotary speed of platen with billet - from 10 up to 60 rpm;
  • Load on billet - from 1 up to 3 N;
  • Precision of dimple depth measurements:  ▒ 5 microns;
  • Power supply voltage - 220 V.
  • Power consumption ľ 35 W;
  • Overall dimensions (length § width § height): 264 § 240 § 227 mm;
  • Weight - 7 kg;


*Prototypes design was carried out together with Institute for problems of materials science of the National academy of sciences of Ukraine (